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Goals and Planned Purchases Over The Next Three Months!

Before the start of each season I like to write a list of thing I want to do/achieve over the coming months. I don’t always manage to do them all, but looking back afterwards is a good way to judge what you’ve actually achieved! For the first time I’m going to post my goals on this blog so that you can all track what I’ve done and whether I’ve been slacking off! Some of them are really small things (research buying a vintage watch, send out Christmas cards etc), and I haven’t been too ambitious this time.

The first thing I want to do is make sure that I start exercising before Christmas. I think most people eat loads over the holiday period, feel bad and then try to make up for it in January. This doesn’t work (for lots of reasons) – I don’t think it’s every possible to exercise with the only motivation being guilt at how much you’ve eaten!

There are a few things I want to buy over the next few months. A lot of good video games are coming out, so I’ll probably try to limit myself to buying one game at a time, then only getting another when I’ve completed it. I’ve also always wanted to get a vintage watch, so that’s probably I’ll try and research and possibly buy over the next few weeks/months.

Finally, I never get around to doing Christmas cards even though I get some from lots of people, so I’ll make sure I send some out this time.

Right, not that I’ve told you about my goals what are yours? Is there something you really want to achieve over the next few months? Have you thought about goals as we move into the new year either (bit early but worth thinking about).