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Celebrities Talk Of The Good HCG Has Done To Them

Celebrities are used to endorse most of the popular brands of different products as a means of advertisement. However, when a celebrity admits publicly to using a certain product without any monetary benefit attached to it, then be sure the product is good. When celebrities like Snooki, Britney Spears and JWOWW spoke of the good results they got from HCG (and also the african mango diet) in reducing their weight their fans where instantly converted to using the same diet plans.

Fans like to worship celebrities and believe everything about them is perfect.

Therefore when celebrities such as Snooki, JWOOWW and Britney Spears chose to use HCG diet to keep their bodies in shape, they knew exactly what they want. They were aware of the great abilities of the HCG diet to reduce and maintain a perfect body without unnecessary excess fat. HCG diet works in a funny way because it suppresses the appetite of the user and requires the person using it to consume less than 500 calories per day.

It can be taken using drops on the tongue or injection which is usually done in hospitals. Experts on the hormones like Dr Erica Schwartz advise the users of the HCG diet to use it with doctor's instructions to guarantee its safety and effectiveness.

HCG diet is essentially a hormone from pregnant women and it works by cheating the body of a woman that it is pregnant. It has no reported side effects, but being delicate medication, users must always seek a doctor's opinion when using it.

Otherwise the HCG diet has been approved and recommended not just by celebrities like Snooki but even other ordinary people who have used it and seen its success. Even after ceasing its usage, the diet plan does not result in increased weight as most diets supplements usually do.

The HCG diet is administered using oral drops which are placed on the tongue, therefore for those who fear injections; HCG diet is not taken using the painful injection hated by many.

Of course there are those who believe that the HCG diet does not work or it has harmful side effects on the user. It might be true that people who have allegedly used HCG diet have suffered without any positive results. However, it must be clear that there are so many companies who sell fake HCG diet and cheat their customers that they are buying the original at a discounted price. People should be aware of such companies and buy the HCG diet only from authorized dealers and suppliers.

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